Monday, April 20, 2009

shanghai bike polo : round 2 !!

round 2 is upon us, and we are hoping for an even bigger and better turn-out this time !!

you can find out all the details here as per usual.

hope to see you all there !!


  1. Hey Dudes,

    Unfortunately, My work is making me go to the Shanghai Motor Show on saturday, so I am going to have to puss out of yet another bike polo event. It's not so bad because my bike still is not 100%. I have been walking around looking for venders with torches which is not made any easier by the fact that none of the Chinese people I work with know how to translate acetylene torch. As soon as I find one, I can heat up that crank arm and bend it out of the way. Let me know if you guys are going to go out afterwards, maybe I can meet up with you somewhere.


  2. no worries homes !!

    will definitely give you a shout once the polo is all said and done :)